About Us:

The Hambug Company is a charity-focused, independent publisher of books, video games and music, with an emphasis on complete liberty for artists' and authors' creative goals and intellectual property. All profits go to providing clean drinking water for people in developing countries!

Alongside being a charity-centered organization, we believe that creators should be compensated fairly for what they produce. Because of this conviction, when publishing a work with The Hambug Company they maintain a large percentage of the royalties generated from their works. When creators publish their works with us, they can also expect an unprecedented degree of transparency and honesty. The Hambug Company is unlike other media publishers in that our goal is not to satisfy shareholders, but rather to help talented creators share their work with the world and receive the compensation they deserve in exchange.

People need water to survive and art to thrive; and The Hambug Company is endeavoring to provide both for the world.

Where Our Money Goes:

100% of our money that isn't going into funding publishing and operational costs is going straight to providing clean water for people in impoverished countries.

This is done by giving all our profits directly to charity: water. If you're not familiar with charity: water, you can rest assured that our profits are going into good hands. One of the largest water charities in the world, they have created access to clean drinking water for millions of people. Furthermore, with their 100% model, 100% of public donations go directly to funding clean water projects. And with a four star rating on Charity Navigator, charity: water is one of the most trusted charities in the world.

You can learn more about charity: water from this brief promotional film, created by them in 2020: