Vowel of Silence

Vowel of Silence

Vowel of Silence,
by Hambug Games

You find yourself sitting in a chair in a warehouse in who-knows-where. You're greeted by the pleasant and richly-tembred voice of a handsome robot named Bill, who just wants to ask you a few questions.

The only thing is: Bill is, well, a bit unstable. You can't blame him really; it's the fault of the people who programmed him. Unfortunately, due to some bad code, Bill will get very upset if you give him any answers containing certain letters. And you do NOT want to upset Bill.

Each round, good ol' inquisitive Bill will ask you a series of questions, and you'll have to humor him by responding with adequate answers in a timely fashion. When you're done with your response, say Bill's name so he remembers that you're talking to him. Just, whatever you do, DON'T say that vowel that will upset Bill. Got it?

Hambug Games's game studio was founded on 06/25/2021, and is located in Eugene, Oregon.